About Us

Glenda The Good Stitch (a Carlsson Studios, LLC company) is a family owned and operated company based out of Spokane Washington.  

It all started when Glenda and her youngest daughter Erica took a class in low immersion fabric dying from a local artist and shop owner (Anna Turner from Sew Uniquely You) and discovered the joy of creating unique and exciting hand dyed fabric.  Hand Dyeing quickly became an obsession with the Mother Daughter team and soon they had more fabric than they knew what to do with so they decided to share their hand dyed creations with others by vending at regional quilt shows as "Carlsson Studios' Hand Dyed Obsessions".

Next they started creating original patterns with their hand dyes, using the natural gradation and color movement found in hand dyed fabric to create both beautiful  traditional and art quilts.  The ebb and flow of color moving from one area of the fabric to another in the hand dyeing process creates natural gradations and color pairings that appeal to the human eye.  This color gradation and color pairing, when used correctly in a quilt, helps lead the viewer's eye naturally through the quilt, adding to the overall pleasing quality and beauty of the piece. 

As a Bonus, the resulting quilt pieces are all unique because no two pieces of hand dyed fabric are ever the same!

This all led us to where we are today, launching our online business and changing our brand name to "Glenda The Good Stitch".   Please follow us online and watch for us as vendors at upcoming quilt shows and events.

We can be reached at:

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Glenda the Good Stitch



phone:  509-981-1858

email:   info@GlendaTheGoodStitch.com